VNode Automation An End-To-End Industrial IoT Gateway.

Make your plant floor data accessible from any cloud system or application.

The Communication Platform For IIoT

vNode IoT Gateway provides a fully industrial connectivity combined with mayor IoT protocols to make an plug and play solution, that could be installed in any OS systems, including embedded devices.

The Communication Platform For Industrial Internet Of Things

vNode is an industrial software platform that brings together the best of OT (Operations Technologies) and IT (Information technologies) worlds to provide an out-of-the-box solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

vNode it’s a modular platform, meant to be adapted to specific needs of each project using different modules, divided along 3 categories: Input connectivity, data management & data delivery.

Plug & play solution easy to configure
No programming
Scalability & Reliability

Input conectivity

Providing an Edge solution connectivity through multiple protocols and industrial devices.

  • All your Plant Floor Systems data made available for IT and IoT environments
  • Our connectivity is ready, no custom development needed
  • We know how to do it

vNode’s input modules are the core of the solution, hence it can read from virtually any data source, either device or application.

These input modules will read data from the devices using TCP/IP or Serial connections, OPC Technology, IoT Services, Modbus, Allen Bradley, Siemens, DNP3, Mitsubishi, Yokogawa, GE, Marchesini, Mettler Toledo, Omron, Delta, or even text files.

Data Management

Collect, keep and manage the data for alarming, analytics and history.

  • Transform raw data in useful information
  • Calculate, organize, import, export, historize, all in one
  • No data lost guaranteed

Provide data treatment, applying scripting, algorithms, history environments and perform integration between source tags, OPC servers,calculations, functions, data mapping, aliasing, scaling, scripting, storage, store and forward, sensors, controllers and devices.

Download VNode IoT Gateway For A Free Trial And Get It Going In Minutes.

vNode IoT Gateway provides a fully industrial connectivity combined with mayor IoT protocols to make an plug and play solution, that could be installed in any OS systems, including embedded devices.

Lets build your IIoT connectivity!

vNode Quick Guide

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Download Data Sheet

Take a look to the most relevant features and technical information about our IoT Gateway.

VNode Uses Cases

Learn how to configure vNode IoT Gateway with this step-by-step introduction guide.

Data delivery

Publish or send data to multiple system, services and applications over different IT or IoT protocols.

  • vNode closes de gap between plant information and IT or Cloud IoT systems
  • We speak all major IT or cloud protocols
  • We can deliver all your plant floor data to IT or Cloud application: AWS, Google Core, Azure IoT Hub, REST API, Mongo DB, OPC UA, SQL

vNode´s Output Modules allow sending data to industrial applications, standard databases or even cloud platforms.

vNode provides seamless integration with OPC UA, MQTT, REST API, ODBC, Mongo DB, Azure, Google, Amazon Web Services, XML files or CSV files, to deliver data to multiple consumers simultaneously.

Core Technology

Web based solution within a reliable, scalable and unlimited features.

Free OS choice

(We support: Linux, Windows, Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, ARM)

  • No worries about Tag Limitation
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Reduce project costs by remote engineering
  • Multiplatform WEB GUI Access

We know industrial implementations sometimes need to be upgraded and it means new locations, new devices, and new platforms. vNode can adjust to your business needs proving fully scalability without a complex and extended configuration.

Make your system grow along with your needs, create and use as many tags as you need, without limitation.

Connection between vNode can be configured inbound or outbound adding extra security and no need to open Firewall Ports.

All connections are encrypted from end to end.