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We are so excited to announce the new version launch of our most advanced IIoT communication platform ever.

Now vNode v1.21 comes with a new redesigned core, driving you to explore the Redundancy feature with Store&Forward mechanisms, new security encryption over TLS 1.3 & alarm notifications based on conditions.

vNode allows fully connectivity to multiple plant floor devices, or even better you can create and design control and data acquisition systems using the dynamic Web Vision Designer, and so much more!

vNode’s brand new core for a
better performance

Level up the whole efficiency system through vNode v1.21 new release. Turn your existing installation to a faster, safer and more reliable environment.

Improved efficiency +50%

Load performance x2

Following the most accurate
security trends

Secure your plant systems communications with vNode v1.21 security features enhancements.

Implements TLS 1.3

vNode´s v1.21 new release provides full security capabilities by implementing TLS 1.3 cryptographic protocol making an armored platform.

Secure and guaranteed confidentiality

Due to the newest version, now it´s possible to establish a secret channel between multiple parties using public and private key pairs based on ECDH key agreement protocol.

RSA Key agreement replacement

vNode v1.21 version, will no longer support RSA Key agreement, from now on it will be replaced by the ECDH protocol.

Reliable security
Cypher options

By supporting TLS 1.3, every connection will be authenticated over AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Additional Data)

Redundancy, increase the high availability of your Industrial facilities

vNode´s Redundancy brand new feature, allows to secure your critical environments within a high availability system by implementing a primary and backup configuration preventing downtime caused by hardware or network failures.

Node Redundancy

Now you can perform a redundant pair between two vNode nodes, to secure and restore your implementation. By configuring a primary and a secondary node, in case of a failure the other one will take the lead.

Store&Forward Mechanism at Redundancy Node Level

Store&Forward mechanism is automatically set to your Redundancy node in order to prevent data loss, making your nodes more reliable than ever. By implementing a redundant architecture, if a node fails while experiencing outage communications on the network, Store&Forward will automatically transfer the data to the backup node, which will be responsible for forwarding all saved data once communications are restored. The magic of the Store&Forward mechanism at Redundancy Node level lies in this added efficiency.

Redundancy Agent

Redundancy over devices channels or applications is now possible with vNode, it´s supported for PLCs, OPC UA Servers, Databases and many others, when the main channel fails, the second one will take over.

Manage your Users and Roles from Active Directory with vNode

Link your vNode instance to any Active Directory System and grant or deny access based on the roles and users defined by your IT department.
Make easier and seamless the interaction between vNode and your IT facilities.

vNode Alarm Notification system

Within v1.21 new release version, it is possible to send your plant floor notifications via email or SMS, using vNode alarm notifier module. Create your own alarms and select where and how they will be sent or notified.

Notifications supported

  • SMS Messages

  • Email

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