vNode SQL To OPC UA Solution

SQL and OPC, 2 different environments that nowadays share something in common, DATA. OPC UA became the successor for Classic OPC, in which the entire communication model is oriented to web services, by providing security and a free OS choice to work with.

How To Export Your Existing SQL Data Over OPC UA?

OPC UA born under 2006, due to the need of interoperability between industrial environment and multiple and one step higher applications. It has been build not only to provide data to SCADAs, it’s just more than that, with OPC UA Technology you can either send your PLCs or sensors data up the enterprise network, web environments and pretty much abstract to the Cloud.

SQL It’s a standard databases language that born based on multiple relational databases management systems, each of them provides a different way to treat their data, but withing the years was looking for integrate all of it in just one simple environment called SQL.
If you want to know, how ease is to take data already logged on SQL server and then use it to share it within industrial or IT systems over OPC UA , this solution is right for you!

How Can We Integrate Both Systems Between Each Other?

vNode Automation it’s a IoT Gateway that moves information from different applications or devices.
One of its features is to read SQL databases and at the same time it will act as OPC UA Server, exporting the data to any UA Client, such SCADAs, ERPS, Historian, AWS, Azure IoT, web servers and many others…