vNode REST API Module

Want to send PLCs data to a REST API Client Application?

Get Industrial Data On Your Web Applications Using REST API Calls.

Looking for REST communication between your PLCs and IT applications?

vNode is an Industrial IoT Gateway designed to gather data from your facility and deliver it to IT, cloud or industrial environments

Rest protocol is an HTTP AND HTTPS based protocol for data transfer between applications, we can GET any information over JSON format.

vNode`s Rest API module, provides an easy way to deploy o communicate to a REST application or to send data to over REST too.

Paradigm Of Use

Charles Brown, is an engineer who`s passion is everything related to Industry 4.0, he actually works in a Systems Integration company, and they just recently won a building automation project, in which they must need to integrate some Modbus and Bacnet devices to a web platform they need to develop.

Charles, know that there´re different ways to move the data due to what he had read, but he knows he need some assistance on how what`s the best way for the implementation.

Brown look on the web for REST protocol and found it can connect different applications between each other and it is based on HTTP, that is part of the web requirement, so he realized he can make some web forms for monitor and control.

Now He Needs To Cover:

  • Modbus and Bacnet communication
  • Move the data to his web forms over REST

Charles, remember he received emails about a platform for data transfer called vNode Automation, and look for it on his site, founding vNode`s Rest Api server module, that will help him to move facility data to his REST web forms and even more vNode Support team knows about industrial protocols, such as Modbus an Bacnet and let him know that vNode can communicate to each one with no problem.

After a few minutes talking with support team, Brown start testing vNode solution and therefore, he implemented on the building.

Download Our REST API Server Module And Start Sending Your Data To Your Rest Applications:

  • Supports HTTP & HTTPS connections
  • Send industrial data to any REST API client applications
  • Read and Consult over GET commands
  • REST Objects managed by an URL provides easier modifications
  • JSON format language in any request or response.

How Does It Do It?

  • Collects data from any data sources such as Modbus Devices, Siemens PLC, txt files, csv files, sensors, OPC DA Server, OPC UA Server and much more.
  • After that vNode can treat the data as you desire, making advanced calculations, aliasing etc.
  • Converts the data to JSON format and deliver it to any URL o development via REST over HTTP or HTTPS

What You Can Do With VNode Rest API Server Module?

  • Modbus to REST
  • Siemens to REST
  • OPC DA to REST
  • OPC UA to REST
  • TXT to REST
  • CSV to REST
  • Allen Bradley to REST
  • Omron to REST
  • GE Fanuc to REST