vNode OPC UA Server Module

vNode Automation OPC UA Client and Server module, will provide full connectivity to any OPC server vendor and also to OPC UA Client. Reading and exporting data to the major applications, such HMI, SCADAS, CLOUD environments, and much more.

Integral industrial environments by using OPC UA technology

Nowadays, industrial communications over IoT implementations has been growing up and taking advantage in different scenarios.

Right now, it is very important pulling data from any plant floor device and send it to cloud systems, SCADAs, web applications for data analytics, visualization, reporting or many others…

Paradigm of use

Josh Parker is an amateur engineer who works in a manufacturing plant, his superiors asked him to perform a plant integration within the cloud.

They are evaluating Amazon web services as it Cloud provider for the Big data analytics and reporting dashboards.

Josh, has been working with plant floor devices, specifically with controllers, the plant has different kind of PLCS from different vendors, and the major part of the data is coming from them.

Josh need to link PLCs data up to AWS, but he doesn’t know how to communicate each other.

Josh, knows that Amazon Web Services could read data over OPC UA, by acting as a client.

By looking on the web, , he found that vNode platform will act as an IoT gateway which integrates OT with IT solutions.

Is this case, vNode can collect data from the PLCs in different protocols and the transfer the data over its own OPC UA server to AWS.

Josh start testing vNode solution in free trial and he realized that this will really fits in its implementation.

If you’re in Josh Shoes, take a look to vNode IoT gateway and solve your connectivity issues!

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vnode integrate industrial-environments by using opc ua technology