Módulo vNode MQTT broker cloud

vNode MQTT Module can send or receive data from the broker, allowing you to read or write data to/from the PLC to/from the MQTT broker.

MQTT Broker Cloud

vNode is an industrial IoT gateway designed to collect data from your premises and deliver it to virtually any cloud destination. The MQTT protocol has become one of the main pillars of the IoT due to its simplicity and lightness.

Both are important constraints as IoT devices are often limited in power, consumption, and bandwidth.

Nuestro módulo MQTT funciona como un MQTT Publisher que tomará los datos de cualquiera de sus dispositivos, los convertirá en MQTT y los publicará.

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MQTT Module’s, consists of 4 fundamental parts within its communications structure:

Publisher: publishes messages to a topic on a Broker (devices, sensors, applications, IIoT gateways)
Broker: an intermediary entity that manages MQTT client’s communications (AWS, Azure IoT Hub, Google, Mosquitto, HiveMQ, Cloud Studio, Ubidots etc.)
Subscriber: subscribes to a topic on an MQTT Broker and read the messages.
Topic: repository of the data into the Broker, filter the messages according to the client

MQTT Module Features

vNode MQTT Client module from vNode Automation allows you to establish straight communication with the major popular Brokers in the market such as AWS, MS Azure, Google, among others, as well as linking with any other generic Broker.

  • Publishes and subscribes to any topic from and to the most popular platforms such as AWS, Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud or any other.
  • Supports QoS 1, 2 and 3
  • Supports MQTT version 3.1, 3.1.1, and 5.0.
  • Provides security levels over SSL / TLS, certificates, or user authentication.
  • Allows to customize the payload when publishing.
  • Allows to customize the payload when subscribing.
  • Enables the Store&forward mechanism, to avoid data loss due to network disconnections.

Download vNode and start processing and integrating data from your automation systems in just a few minutes.

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Security and communication: MQTT Broker Cloud

Communications security is covered by SSL/TLS encryption, user authentication and digital certificates, as well as ensuring a QoS quality of service with different levels for a reliable data delivery.

  • Modbus to MQTT
  • Siemens to MQTT
  • OPC DA to MQTT
  • OPC UA to MQTT
  • TXT to MQTT
  • CSV to MQTT
  • Allen Bradley to MQTT
  • Omron to MQTT
  • GE Fanuc to MQTT