Send Plant Floor Data To The Cloud By Using Mayor IoT Protocols

Industry 4.0 provides us in these times different ways to connect our devices within applications or services in the cloud through the internet.

How To Work With These Protocols?

IoT makes this possible through multiple communication protocols, such MQTT, OPC UA and REST API, those are 3 of the most used protocols for data transfer in order to move information to different cloud environments, for example: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Core, TagoIo, Ubidots, SCADA systems , ERPS, OEE and many others.

vNode Automation, is an Industrial IoT Gateway that allows the join between industrial devices and IT or cloud systems.

vNode Has The Ability To Behave As:

  • MQTT Publisher
  • MQTT Subscriber
  • MQTT Writer
  • REST API Server
  • REST API Client
  • OPC UA Client
  • OPC UA Server