vNode Modbus Slave Module

Modbus was so accepted on the market due to interoperability between controllers and devices that Modicon decided to release Modbus Protocol for public, becoming a standard for diffterent vendors.

What Is Modbus?

Modbus it’s a standard protocol developed by Modicon Company at the end of the 70’s. Before that time, control systems where based on wired electromechanical relays causing expensive and time costs maintenance. Time after, Bedford Associates Company released it’s first PLC, the Modular Digital Controller 084 (Modicon 084), this came within Modbus protocol for Master – Slave communication.

That’s why many of automation vendors supports and use Modbus as the communication layer for their devices or applications.

How Can I Send My Industrial Data Over Modbus?

Plant floor solutions sometimes comes withing multiple communication protocols and device vendors, like OPC DA, OPC UA, DNP3, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron Mitsubishi and many others…and also front end applications will need to take and read that devices in just one protocol, according to the industry those applications must use Modbus to receive the data.

vNode Automation platform solves the connectivity between plant floor data and Modbus Master applications, by allowing to read any device or application in it’s own protocol and delivery their data over Modbus by acting as an Slave.If you want learn more about how we do it with vNode Automation, download our Free trial solution and start send your data over Modbus.

Why should I need to transfer data over Modbus?

  • For data centralization
  • Easy deployment and fast implementation
  • Standardize communications

Many applications in the market act as Master for control and visualization such as:

  • Substation Energy environments
  • Building automation process
  • Manufacture environments
  • IoT Systems