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    MQTT vs OPC UA, when to use them.

    MQTT Vs OPC UA, When To Use Them.

    Within the new 4.0 era, industrial applications must need to be upgraded based on newest requirements, like publishing plant floor data up to multiple systems or applications where in the past we could not have imaged to move it.

    IIoT technology will brings many ways for connecting the machines world within cloud systems.

    OPC UA and MQTT are the most popular protocols for IIoT.

    Let’s start introducing each other for a better understanding.

    MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight message protocol that is based on a subscription-publishing model, in which publishers send messages to a server and this is who forwards messages to subscribers avoiding point-to-point connections between subscribers and publishers, this allows subscribers not need to know who provides the information to which is subscribed.

    MQTT is designed to be implemented in low-resource devices, in low-bandwidth networks and high latency.