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    Integrate MQTT with Industrial Control Systems

    How To Integrate MQTT Protocol With Industrial Control Systems?

    MQTT is the preferred protocol for domestic uses. It is practically found in almost every home that operates with automation systems, and we can see it behind the simple tasks, such as turning on lights or activating movement sensors.

    Its cost-efficiency relation has made it very popular among professionals who responsible for implementing home automation processes or IoT applications (Internet of Things).

    For this reason we prepare this document that summarizes knowledge about MQTT and its use in the industry.

    The document is free for download and contains:


    1. Understanding the MQTT and its basic concepts
    2. MQTT Broker
    3. Publish / Subscribe
    4. Messages
    5. Topics
    6. Domestic use
    7. MQTT integration with an industrial environment
    8. But How they exactly do it?


    If you are at the learning or investigating stage this guide will be great for you.