vNode v1.20.7 – Release Notes

This update brings exciting new features to Data Exporter, enhancements to the Rest Api Server and Client, and much more.

Bootstrap (v1.37.2)

Area Change Description
Links Fix Fixed an issue where links may not reconnect properly after a sudden disconnection.

DataExporter (v1.6.1)

Area Change Description
Help Improvement vNode references removed from inline help to avoid incongruencies with white label products.

FleetManagerClient (v1.0.3)

Area Change Description
Connection Improvement Remote nodes with no valid Support and Maintenance agreement are now requested to reduce the amount of data sent to the central server.

ModbusClient (v1.21.0)

Area Change Description
Driver Improvement Added poll-on-demand option.

Historian (v1.14.1)

Area Change Description
Storage Fix Fixed an issue causing data stored as null when the quality code was higher than 0xC0

Notifier (v1.0.0) – NE

Area Change Description
Module New This new module permits sending email notifications periodically or based on alarms and events.

OpcDaClient (v1.6.1)

Area Change Description
Driver Fix Fixed an issue causing momentarily bad quality in the tags after saving changes in the configuration of the tags.

OpcUaClient (v1.12.3)

Area Change Description
Driver Fix Fixed a problem to handle INT64 data type properly.
Library Fix Endpoint parameter in the GetEndpoint request now is not empty

RestApiServer (v1.3.2)

Area Change Description
API Improvement Added `link.sfPause` API call
API Improvement Filters changed to case insensitive

WebUI (v1.15.12)

Area Change Description
Users Fix Fixed an issue causing the user could not read alarms without read tags permission.
Security Fix Included an important security fix to prevent unauthorized access to WebUI.

WebVision (v1.1.8)

Area Change Description
Tables Fix Fixed an issue where tables may not update the data correctly.
Charts Fix Fixed an issue where charts may not update the information correctly.