vNode CSV Data Importer

Imagine all your data processed in a CSV file will be shared over different protocols and also integrated within other applications.

How To Integrate Your CSV Files Data Whitin Different Cloud And Industrial Environments.

Many environments use Excel spreadsheets for control and process their plant data, and that’s a good way for data treatment, but mostly of the time, that information need to be delivered or integrated in other applications, such as SCADA, HMIs, SAP ERP, AWS, Google or even Microsoft Azure Cloud, and much more.

How We Can Do It?

vNode Industrial IoT gateway makes it possible by using its Data Importer module.

How It Works?

vNode Data Importer’s module, will read any CSV file, and parse the data internally automatically, this will allow to select which value or cell you will read. There that data will be available over many protocols to be delivered.